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Our relationship and presence at Green Man Festival has played a big part in how we approach our work and learned to take care to look after the experiences of our audiences, and the teams of emerging artists involved.

Citrus Arts

Since the introduction of Performing Arts to Green Man in 2014, the programme has developed into an incredible offering of Welsh talent, showcasing the very best that Wales has to offer. The programme offers a strong mix of interactive walkabout activity and static performance, existing touring work and bespoke commissioned shows. We have worked with an incredible range of groups and organisations including Citrus Arts, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, National Dance Company Wales, National Theatre Wales, Ballet Cymru, Circomedia, Salon Mirela, Flossy and Boo and many more.

In 2017, the Back of Beyond stage is dedicated to showcasing new commissions and performances for audiences, set amongst the ever-inspiring backdrop of the Black Mountains and just next to the Green Man himself. The stage showcased incredible, newly commissioned performances for 2017 and was host to a full day programme of performances and shows, while Walkabout performing arts delighted audiences as they wandered across site. As popular as ever, Walkabout extended Back of Beyond across the whole Festival with surreal roving theatre.

It’s always great to be part of a melting pot of local creativity and Green Man seems the hub of this.

Tin Shed Theatre
Green Man Festival Wales 2015
Green Man Festival Wales 2015
GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 43 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 46 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 50 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0071 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0001 [Web]
GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0075 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 45 [Instagram]
GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0108 [Instagram]
Green Man Festival Wales 2015GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 43 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 46 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 50 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0071 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0001 [Web]GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0075 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 PoonehGhana Fanatic 45 [Instagram]GreenMan 2017 MaxMiechowski Fanatic 0108 [Instagram]
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