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Cardiff University


Paid placements since 2018

‘I gained so much! I became knowledgeable about a working world that I never knew existed and discovered that I really enjoyed the job. I learnt that age isn’t a barrier when working in a good team as everyone respects one another. I was the youngest team member, but others respected my decisions. I realised that sometimes you need to take initiative in order to get a job done and not always rely on the ‘go-ahead’ from others.’

Kelly T, Cardiff University Graduate

In 2018 we partnered with Cardiff University to give students and recent graduates paid internships.  They learn what it takes to run a large-scale operation, bridging the gap between higher education and employment. We are growing the project to give even more opportunities to young people so watch this space!

‘Everyone I met was so friendly, from all walks of life. It was honestly one of the best jobs I’ve had!’

Jess S, Cardiff University Graduate

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