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Oasis Cardiff


participants in 4 years


nationalities from around the world

‘To see our clients happy and energised in a different environment meeting people with a smile and some laughing for the first time is a privilege. We feel so fortunate to be involved in Green Man.’

Reynette Roberts MBE, Director Oasis Cardiff

Oasis Cardiff are an incredible charity helping refugees and asylum seekers to integrate into their new communities. They do this by running various workshops and group sessions including: English, Art, and Sports classes, advisory groups, advocacy forums, and the list goes on. They also know that the best way to celebrate different cultures and bring people together is around the table, eating delicious food.

Oasis join us for the Festival with a group of beneficiaries for personal and professional growth. They have a food stall to showcase their home cuisine, host talks to share their stories and are given professional training within the stewarding team.

Take a look at a video participants made about their Green Man experience in 2021.

Project supported by BOF

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