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Raised in response to our Flood Relief Campaign


Households supported in most affected communities

When Storm Dennis hit Wales in early 2020, we wanted to help the most vulnerable households affected by the devastating floods. To have your home flooded is an awful experience but it’s even more devastating if you are vulnerable. The Trust ran an online campaign and together we raised an amazing £15,750. We worked closely with the Department for Emergency Planning & Powys County Council to distribute grants of £250, directly assisting 63 households. The festival also provided support to the community, acting as an advisor to the local authority, bringing the total of households supported to 152.

The response to our campaign was a true act of kindness, and we want to thank every single person who donated; the teams at @HardLinesCoffee, @WoodfiredSummit, @CrickhowellComedyFestival, @K&MParanormal and the lovely Caroline Thomas – all organising fundraising events in their communities. Green Man and the Green Man Trust donated £5,000 each with other donations coming from generous public donations.

We also want to thank Cllr John Morris, Fay Jones MP, Barry Sandilands, Cllr Rosemarie Harris, Dr Caroline Turner, Nigel Brinn, Greg Landridge-Thomas and the rest of the Powys Council and Medical teams who helped us get the funds to the households most in need. They then worked tirelessly to bring relief to people in need and are doing that right now in this challenging time. We also want to thank Natasha Hale, Jane Tranter, Joana Owen, Iwan Rheon, Huw Stephens, Caitlin Moran, Pete Paphides, Jo Rodrigues, and all of the many artists and Green Man crew who also supported the campaign.

Here are some of the people you helped who wanted to say thank you…

We were waist-deep in nasty river water, evacuating our house at four in the morning in the dark with two dogs being carried out over our heads (…) Thanks Green Man Trust. Having your financial help really gave us an emotional boost. Celeste Hill

The whole ground floor area was underwater (…) It is heart-warming to think that other people care and are willing to donate money to help out complete strangers. We would like to say how much we appreciate Green Man funding in these difficult times.Liz & Jeff Briggs

A tidal wave ripped through the house, smashed through the ground floor and ripped the kitchen apart like balsa wood (…) Green Man’s contribution helped us and lifted our spirits, thank you so much. – Dave & Ann Roberts

The whole of our downstairs was flood affected by the river Wye. I can’t stress enough how helpful the Green Man grant has been in both enabling us to make emergency payments and knowing that your organisation cares about us. Thank you so much! Ashley Clarke

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